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How to specify results source name for search query using SharePoint 2013 JavaScript Client Object Model

For using SharePoint 2013 search CSOM/JSOM there are already existing posts that explain how to perform search, gor example this or this Today, however, I needed to set Results Source for my search query. You can do it using keywordQuery.set_sourceId(guid), … Continue reading

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How to get termStore by name using SharePoint 2013 JSOM

All the examples of retrieving Terms Store and getting all terms using JavaScript object model were using GUIDs. Well, we know that GUIDs work only for specific environment, and not for moving stuff around. You will need to include sp.js … Continue reading

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Sharepoint 2007 – Quirks mode box model for all browsers with box-sizing

Sometimes you still have to develop for Sharepoint 2007. And, you know, there is no DOCTYPE declaration in standart master pages. Which means, pages are rendered in quirks mode in IE. Which means, magins and padding are counted inside of … Continue reading

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Sandboxed WebPart on .aspx page using replaceable parameters in Sharepoint 2010

Although it is not possible to create real (in _layouts folder) application pages in sanboxed solutions, there is a way to create site pages with codebehind – basically just .aspx page that renders webpart. Page is deployed as a part … Continue reading

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Referencing javascript files using CustomAction in Sharepoint 2010 Sandboxed Solutions

When you are creating farm solution, it is easy to include javascript file into all site pages using CustomAction. The main idea is that you add javascript file to _layouts folder and use Problem is, in sandboxed solutions you are … Continue reading

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